BELLE Chocolate

BELLE Chocolate

- 100% Natural Wood Face
- Hypo-allergenic
- Completely free of toxic chemicals
- Miyota movement
- Authentic Swarovski Crystals
- Hardened, scratch-proof mineral glass
- Adjustable to fit any wrist
- Both cloth band colors shown are interchangeable & included with watch

Wood Watch Dimensions:
- CLOTH BAND: 27” (68.58cm)
- FACE (including wood frame/bezel): 1 1/2" (38.1mm) long, and 1 3/8” (34.93mm) wide

Indian Rosewood (CHOCOLATE)

Indian Rosewood is very strong and heavy, takes an excellent polish, and is a suitable wood for the black pieces in chess sets and for billiard cues. Often streaked with hues of purple and red, each piece has its own unique color.

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