WeWood originated from Italy Florence which is an eco-luxury brand of wooden watches which are made from 100% natural recycle wood.They are completely absent of artificial and toxic materials.


WwWood teamed up with tree-planting-partners 'American Forests' and 'Trees For The Future'. With this cohesive collaboration, the goal is to help restore Mother Nature, one watch at a time, by planting a tree for every WeWood purchased. Since 2011, WeWood has planted 300,000 trees with its partners and sets challenging targets for 2014 and beyond.



Since the founding of Filter017 in 2004, it has been creating a great many novel designs and patterns by using “fused elements.” Filter017 has received much attention and praise from people all over the world.



Filter017 interprets the concept of “fusion” as not only a combination of visual patterns but a blending of Western and Eastern cultures and designs. In reintegrating old-school images and elements from the West and everyday life, Filter017 aims to inspire a whole new joy and wonderful feelings in people with their fresh designs.


The Filter017 design team is not only dedicated to creating cutting edge graphic designs, but it also has an extraordinary standard for the quality of its products. In applying a relaxed and humorous attitude in its design and omitting unnecessary adornments, Filter017 appreciates versatility and simplicity, but never forgets the spirit of the old-school and street style. Our wish is that our customers are able to appreciate our high standards and the same exacting taste for fashion and design as we do.


“Classico” is the word “classic” in Italian.We pursue a kind of simplicity, and convey a classical spirit of returning to the basis.


This brand was created in December 2012 by the “Gary” and “Tom”, we come from Taiwan.


Gary’s father has been working in the glasses business for over 35 years as an OEM for domestic and international boutique brands. Gary is a freelance photographer who loves old-fashioned and classic stuff. Gary started the OEM business of glasses with his family resources for domestic designers’ brands after his discharge from military service. After a period of time, Gary had an idea of creating his own brand, and the prototype of “Classico” began to form in his mind.


Tom, an enthusiastic designer, loves designing deeply. When he was young, he had an obsession with handmade glasses. He has loved vintage Vespa after the age of 30. Tom works as a brand designer who loves old-fashioned atmosphere. He established the brand in order to share more beautiful things hoping to bring a bit beauty to the world with the power of a designer.

Sticky Monster Lab

Sticky Monster Lab is a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Seoul, Korea. Founded in 2007, the members of the lab with a variety of creative backgrounds work together and create unique characters with their own distinctive stories.

We make them through a comprehensive process by utilizing illustration, graphic design, animation, motion graphic and product design.


The-Earth has been established since 2010 with ambition to be favourable for everyone based on its motto, 'Basic & Natural'. Expressing its own unique emotion that makes harmony with various lifestyles such as music, sports and art, The-Earth pursues 'Reasonable Price & High Quality'. By supporting people's Wants not simply Needs, The-Earth completes its identity of street fashion with high durability, function and understated aesthetics of design.


hoomia is an acoustic brand from Taiwan. The brand name hoomia means ‘good stuff’ in Taiwanese pronunciation. We are committed to the design, R&D and creativity in Taiwan and we guarantee top-notch engineering quality with integration of modern fashion and cultural creative industry. hoomia products reproduce the vivid sound with stylish and extraordinary design catering to your lifestyle. We strive to make the whole world hear and hum to ‘hoomia’.


Behind each pair of socks there is always a little story,and each idea is from our daily life,At the moment when people put on the socks,they may hear things happening on this planet - big or small.Our socks come from Shetou Villiage, Zanhwa city,where most of Taiwanese socks were made.


Colorful your feet!