B’IN Select – Believe in Design is not an average lifestyle store selling overpriced designs you can probably find online. B’IN Select is your getaway from the boring dull city life. We select the best watches, accessories, backpacks, stationary and home décor, from every corner of the world. We believe design is not just an expression of beauty, but a way to experience life, and the best way to experience design is through products and making products. That is why apart from the rare international brands in our shop, we also set up a platform for quality local designers to showcase their designs. Design deserves a better stage. Little by little, we trust that good design can change our lives, if we just Believe in it.





Anthony and Doris, founders of B’IN Select, believe design is essential for a fruitful life. Design is all around us. Some good, some bad, but behind every design is an unseen creator. Colors, patterns, and shapes don’t mix and match by chance. Serendipity, however, does occur to people. After meeting a group of passionate designers in Hong Kong, Anthony and Doris realized these unseen creators were lacking just one thing – a space for them to showcase their talents. This is the founding moment of B’IN Select.